Hi 👋🏼 My name is Alejandro!

I'm an undergraduate student at the University of Rochester majoring in computer science and minoring in digital media studies & psychology. Ever since I can remember I've been fascinated by computers, and some programming courses I took in high school developed my interest in computer science. I even joined my high school's FIRST Robotics team where I lead the vision recognition team.

In Spring 2022, I completed an independent study regarding the use of machine learning in network security. My interest in this topic grew after I took a class in networking and computer security, and an independent study with a professor knowledgeable in the field was the best way to explore this topic. My interest only grew, and with the rise of internet-connected devices and cyber attacks, networking and network security specialists are more important than ever and I can't wait to become one.

In Fall 2022, I will be attending Toronto Metropolitan University (formally Ryerson University) for a Master's in Computer Networks. Networking is one of my passions, so I'm excited to specialize and learn using Toronto Met's labs and equipment.

Learn more about my experience and past projects on the Projects and Experience page.

I'm always interested in internships and ways to improve my CS skills! You can contact me using the info on the Contact page.

CS/Programming Skills: